You ride your rickshaw, I drive mine

Girl childI have come across this in the images shared by one of my Face Book friends and hope there is no problem in my referring to this here for its interestingness. I do not know the photographer’s name. I love the image for the straightforward message it is giving although such  a thing was not probably intended when the photographer had clicked the picture.

 It is obvious to anybody that the picture juxtaposes two different sections of population in  India’s unequal growth story-one section represented by the school children  on way to school in a pull-rickshaw and the other,in sharp contrast, by a girl of almost the same age pulling a similar rickshaw for living .
1) Girl in school rickshaw is on way to school towards a better future for herself. Girl in the open rickshaw is probably carrying a plastic bag with  scrap or some rags for sale.The first girl is going to school.The latter is going away from it. The first girl is aspiring to a bright future ,supported by relatively well to do parents..Just look at the coincidence of the two rickshaws playing in opposite directions.
2) The first girl  who goes to school  takes a glance at the second girl who has turned back to look at her . What must be going on  between them as they exchange glances with each other?
3) Look at what the second girl is doing ,in addition to earning the family bread . She also takes care of the sibling whom she carries in her rickshaw ,wherever she goes. In India the elder one takes care of the sibling , to enable her mom to go on her work. Or may be, her mother is big with another kid.
Images like this may sound too dramatic but the reality cannot be wished away. Large sections of the population still make their living like this , The girl child has along way to go from here. The 6 to 7%  annual growth India has been able to clock in  the last many years does not necessarily translate to a more equitable distribution of wealth.

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