These ghosts strike you only within your houses

Residents of Ravindranagar in Sitaphalmandi are spending sleepless nights for the past two months, gripped by a fear that a ‘ghost’ is frequenting the area during night.While most of them are taking shelter in a nearby temple, three other families have already vacated their houses.At least half a dozen persons reportedly committed suicide by hanging after the rumours of the ‘ghost’ started haunting the locality.

It is a beautiful picture I have across in today’s Hindu. The picture at once catches your attention by the striking colors of the background provided by the walls and the door. Look at the elements of the picture: people squatting outside their homes, their homes locked from outside, tempo van parked outside with a child in it , a man walking away, the pictures of a political campaign. The walls are at once striking with the words Jai Shriram written on them, as though invoking Lord Shri Ram to protect them from the ghost. The fear of the ghost is palpable in the generally cheerful atmosphere of the  brightly colored houses. The ghosts come only at night when you are in bed in the privacy of your house.Here , outside when you are squatted among a group of people they do no harm.

Ghost is a planted rumor in a group who are commonly agreed on the existence of such a ghost. Ghosts build solidarity in believers. What we see in the picture is such an agreement.