No charges for revolving

“This is a photograph I shot in a restaurant in Mussoorie. A sign at Howard Hotel and Revolving Restaurant read: ‘No charges for revolving.’ I split my sides laughing!”

Photo as well as write-up by Mr.V.R.Ferose who is managing director of the German multinational SAP Labs India.(

Although I enjoy the humor contained in the ways English is some times used in India, what has struck me here was the possibility of the hilarity being an intended one ,in which case the laughter is not about the English i.e.usage of the word “revolving” ,but something that at once conveys a robust joviality ,so common in India’s streets .The guy seems to be merely pulling your legs when he says he is giving you the facility of eating and revolving, without any charges for the latter facility -as if tempting you with free revolving .Come to think of it,that is the neat Indian way of conveying that eating comes here with extra value, the pleasure of eating in a revolving place,without paying extra for it.