A pyramid of rising misery

One of the Reuters 2010 best pictures,what has caught my imagination is the way the photographer has captured the utter hopelessness of a human situation in which stranded people were holding on desperately to the bars of the helicopter.Here humans are reduced to a pile of bodies, in a pyramid of rising misery. An amorphous mass of humans in a desperate bid to rise from their misery- look at the man holding on to the bar with feet in the air,the faces of faceless people looking up to the sky in abject supplication. A truly moving picture.

Here is my poem :

The helicopter

We see several hands stretching to the helicopter,
Of dry mouths that quiver with hope at its whir.
A mystery how bodies can pile to form a pagoda.

And why some bodies are always found on the copter
While other bodies rise from the dusty ground-earth,
And the bodies here have to reach out to bodies up there.