Babe in the woods

This is Ranjan Basu’s national award-winning picture of a baby sleeping in a cradle in the remote jungles of the tribal belt,with the dog standing guard.

The beauty of the photo ,for me , is in the delightful perspective captured by the photographer in which you see the baby,the dog and the chicken in a row ,as if all the three share a common bond.It is as though all the three are caught up together in this situation which is not their making and none of them can escape it The sleeping baby is in the cradle hanging from a tree , gently swaying to the wind (probably the mother is nearby attending to some work).The dog may not be really standing guard but is bound to the baby in the photographer’s perspective and may therefore attend to its guarding duties! The chicken too is caught unawares in this whole scene and will better remain there doing its bit for the baby.