Funeral humor

Mark the caution on the coffin of David Warren the inventor of the “black box” who recently died at the age of 85 :“Flight Recorder Inventor: do not open”.

As though the coffin is just a larger version of the black box invented by him .Black humor ,indeed.

This is one of the Reuters daily pictures of July ,23 ,2010.

The shadows of poverty

I chanced upon this Reuters photo in the UNDP report on world poverty. We are used to see such things in our country and have developed the necessary thick skin for it.

This picture is unusually moving.We are spared the sight of the faces of poverty. We are spared the sight of the begging empty meal plates.We are shown only their shadows on a hot summer day.

For a change the focus is not on reality but on shadows of the reality .It breaks your heart more.

The President’s speeches are guaranteed to cure your kids’ insomnia problems

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is offering parents a cure for children who don’t want to go to sleep. Have them watch his televised speeches.

The news-report is hilarious when read with the extremely amusing file photo of Chavez holding up children in one of his meetings. Watch the amused expressions on the kids’ faces alongside the President’s agonized facial contortions.
Yahoo News